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Saturday, July 17, 2010

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Sounds simple right? United we stand, divided we fall. So why is it so hard for us to stay on the united side of life? How is it that we are so easily divided? If I truly believe this, how would it change what my day looked like? How would it change where I spent my time? my finances? my gifts?

One way to stay united is through the common bond of prayer. We can stand united before the Holy God we serve in praise and thanks giving offering up our petitions to the one who wholly desires to see us live in unity.

A couple of praise reports are -

The youth leader went in to the dr. last week and found out his cough was viral. The prayer is that his weekend on Sucia Island allowed some restful play to continue healing him not making it worse.

Brian (my brother) is experiencing the amazing opporutnity to speak into lives of dear friends the way so many spoke into his and Jens for the last 12+ years. God has physically touched his body and given him some new freedoms from his meds. and has spiritually woken him up to a whole new level of living. Amen! I would ask us to keep praying for God's direction and continued health for him. His attitude has blessed soooooo many people. I pray God would dump blessings back onto he and his wife (my dear sister in law) Jen and their 3 girls.

As I requested prayer only last night for Mark's job loss, already today God has blessed us in ways only he could orchestrate. He does have the very best in mind for each of us. Thank you Lord for caring for our needs.


A friend is requesting prayer on behalf of her dear friend who is in the midst of an extremely difficult time. She has neck cancer. The treatment involves putting her into a face mask and bolting this to a table to ensure she doesn't move. Then zapping it with radiation which is causing her neck to be red and ooze. Her throat is dry and peeling and is so painful. Even eating liquid food is painful. She has to maintain her weight for the face mask to fit properly or they will have to put a feeding tube in. Her spirit remains good. Even as I write this to share with you I am inspired. I can only pray my spirit would be good. God cover this woman with your healing mercies. Shower down your spirit on her so she feels your presence each day. Be the very air she breathes in and out Lord God. We know you care for the lily's of the field and have the grains of sand numbered and the stars named and that you care for us soo much more. Allow her to feel this love to it's fullest extent.

Heidi - A 40 year old woman is experiencing some nerve tingling in her hands and is in the searching phase of trying to solve this mystery. They have done MRI's and recently a spinal tap to see if it is MS. Let's keep her in our prayers. I am all too familar with the "mystery" illness. It can be so discouraging and frustrating. Heavenly father give the Dr. wisdom as they look at her results and may the find it is nothing more than stress and anxiety or things of this nature that she can begin to work through and hand over to you one at a time. I pray that the physical symptoms would subside in Jesus name and she would experience life to the fullest extent in you her Rock and Redeemer.

Let's keep on keepin on together. Please let me know if you have a request we can share and pray for together and watch the list grow

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