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This is Me! The good, the bad, and the bald. You get it all! But I have hair now. This spring I'll be rockin the pixie.

Friday, July 2, 2010

He What?

We received an update on Tristan from Mexico. I read it, and had to re-read it. I understood the words, but they seemed so far fetched, so foreign if you will. You can't be speaking of my son. Surely you are talking about Beau or Gavin right? So I read it one more time just to confirm I was passing on this information correctly. Tristan, our Tristan is eating all kinds of "cRazY" Mexican food. I know what your thinking. "This just can't be!" But, Yes, it's true. I know many of you who really know him are probably feeling the same denial I felt, but if Ann says it's true.... well I guess I believe it. To top it off, she said he wasn't even complaining about it. (giggling) This leads me to two possible conclusions.

  1. He actually is enjoying this new authentic cuisine that I would die to be eating.

  2. He is following our house rule, in a foreign country, without us present, all by himself, of not complaining about the food you are served. (which means we might have done something right in this crazy game called parenting?)
Either way, I think it shows what I have been fearing, praying for, watching all along... he is growing up.

The email was really to let us know that his blood sugars have been fairly normal and all his equipment is functioning as it should be. Thank you Lord. His throat was a little sore, from allergies maybe. They made him some tea (another new experience for our guy) and it seemed to help a little.

Let's keep prayin.
  1. Pray for the team's health. Several of them are experiencing allergy issues. They have been drinking lots of water and taking all their vitamin C's

  2. Pray that today their work time efforts are multiplied. They had a desire to work hard and get a lot done to bless these people.

  3. Pray that the final day of VBS yields a lasting harvest and lifetime memories for our youth.

  4. Finally, pray that God would bring them home safely to us.
Tomorrow is their play day, where they get to relax and go experience some of the local market life of Mexico. Key word, Barter, Barter, Barter! They will also be visiting the beach and then packing up to head back home. Sunday of course is the travel day. Hey, if you have nothing planned for Sunday evening, come help us welcome them home!


  1. I would be there in a heartbeat to welcome Tristan home! And I laughed along with you about Tristan eating Mexican food....who knew?! Love it. I hope this new adventurous side retains when at his own dinner table. :o)

  2. Me too. You think he might bring us home some great recipes?