This is Me!

This is Me! The good, the bad, and the bald. You get it all! But I have hair now. This spring I'll be rockin the pixie.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Slow Growin

The Tomatillo's are taking off. The rest of the seedlings are too. In fact, they have all kept me quite busy lately which is part of the reason I have been MIA. These little guys require a lot of attention. Each seed has different requirements for germination and then specific preferences for early growth. They all like to be moist most of the time so it works well if you mist and water in the morning, then just check in the afternoon. The problem comes in when you have a cold dreary day, day after day and their little cells get soggy. Not Happy! Then you have to get the temperature up to help evaporate off some of the water. Once they have popped up and out, they like the temp a little bit cooler for actual growing. They all crave lots of light, hence the alien glow of purple emanating from our back yard at night. It is funny the things you can learn by watching dirt and waiting for seeds to emerge. A few little cells appeared to be "duds" so I poked through the dirt to see. In several cases I found that they had rotted. A few had begun to grow, but the growth ended when the plant stayed hidden inside the seed itself. It would shoot out a stem of green but then the leaves were unable to break free. You know the feeling right? of being trapped in a situation. Well, experimenting with these poor little seeds I learned that I can sometimes gently push the seed shell off, but if I try to force it when it isn't ready, it just won't work. I find it is similar with my own life. I think I am ready to burst forth and go for it. I know what it takes for growth so let me at it. I have found lately that those "stuck" feelings are really God's way of letting me know I have more to learn before I can get out there and bloom. I need to wait on him to renew my strength and be fertilized by his word before I can become what he has intended. It can be a slow process, but it produces much.

As you can see, the geranium cuttings worked very well. They are ready to bloom.