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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bow the Knee!

Just in the last 24 hours I have encountered three friends who are hurting deeply and I wanted to bring them before you, my fellow prayer warriors, who know the power we have been given through prayer, and ask you to lift them up with me.

Due to the nature of the 3 I am omitting names unless I hear specifically that they would like names attached.

One dear friend has just today lost a baby for the second time in a matter of months. She isn't currently at home as the family was on vacation. Please lift her aching heart to our gracious heavenly father and pray he would continue to provide the comfort only he can bring.

Another dear friend thought she may be expecting and went from shock, to acceptance, to complete joy and elation only to discover it was a polyp or cyst about to burst. Her heart was broken at the realization. Pray for God to come in and speak to her weeping heart. God we ask you to speak to that unrealized desire for another baby. Help her find Joy today.

Still another friend (actually two separate friends this week) confided of marriage problems. For one it was hearts that had grown cold from being unattended and a complete disconnect of the two lives. The other is hurting from harsh words and unloving actions and I think feels like a doormat in some ways. God we know you are the author of miracles and sometime in marriage we feel like that is what it will take to love the person we once called soul mate, again. Connect these two marriages in ways that will bring you glory and be a testimony of your goodness and faithfulness to us in times of discouragement and despair.

All of these friends are Christians and love the Lord. All are trying to rely on God for answers and directions and yet each one finds themselves in a different and difficult season of life.

We can't always offer the right words or solutions to pain and problems, but we can be on our knees for them filling in the gap.

A praise report I wanted to share from a personal note was that we (my family) were blessed by two separate angels who brought gifts of food and necessities in the last two days. God is so good and faithful and to him even toilet paper matters. You may laugh but it's true. Thank you for hearing and responding my two friends. You know who you are. You blessed me immensely and gave me an opportunity to be a cheerful and gracious receiver. And even more than the physical needs being met your words spoke encouragement to my heart about how this grew your family in ways you don't anticipate when your in the thick of it. You shared things I hadn't considered so... Thanks for letting me call you friend.

Don't forget to pray for your two couples today. Don't know what this means? Check the last Prayer Warriors blog, and make time to be on your knees each day.

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