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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Loaves and Fishes

Isn't it great to know that we serve a God who is bigger than all our concerns? He is mightier than any illness. He does not sleep nor does he slumber. And everything we pray about he is already aware of. He isn't shocked at the crazy mistakes we make. There isn't a sin he hasn't already seen a hundred times before. He knows the outcomes before the situations even present themselves. And we have the privelage, the call, and the responsibility to rise to the occasion and talk to Him directly on behalf of the people in our lives who are in distress, the families we know who have lost their jobs, the physical ailments that are hindering one or more parents from being able to see themselves in the future of their childrens lives.

As you read over the prayer answers and new requests, pray with confidence in the God we serve knowing that he hears our prayers and answers each and every one, not always how we might hope but always with what He knows is best.


A great answer to prayer that the little guys tubes in ears procedure went very well.

Another amazing answer to a personal request - We had company coming for 5 days and hadn't gotten paid yet and didn't really have a ton of food to feed everyone. The night they arrived we were blessed with a huge gift of food including hamburger, chicken, steaks, cereal, and many other things. It allowed us to divide it up and share it, feed our guests and have leftovers. God still divides the loaves and fishes to feed the hungry. He truly knows the need before we even ask but, boy does he delight in us asking anyway.


A recent update on Cyrus tells us that his tumor is a stage 3 for sure and is not encapsulated but is the finger type of cancer. He and his wife are requesting prayer for wisdom to know how to procede with their options. Lord give them the wisdom of Solomon and allow them to move forward confidently without any doubts or fears.

A young mother on vacation in S. California went to the Dr. for a suspected ear infection and got antibiotics. Two days later she didn't wake up. She is currently in a coma and they are suspecting meningitis. Her children went to the grandparents and the husband flew from Bellingham down to be there. Pray for a miracle!

Mark (my Mark) got laid off today. They don't have the work or the money right now to keep all of the employees and they have been consistently laying off. His number came up today. Pray for wisdom and direction as we seek God's will for our future. He has some options but they are not local.

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  1. We are praying for Mark's employment and for God's provision for your family...He is faithful and He will provide. You guys have always been so inspiring to us in the way you TRUST God for all of your needs and we've seen that for ourselves in our own unemployment. We are excited to see what God brings Mark next for work and for your family. Oodles and Oodles of love to you.