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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pray in the Spirit on all Occasions....

Thank you for joining me in uplifting these people. Prayer is a mighty weapon given to us by almighty God, it is a direct means of communication to an ever present and always listening heavenly father, and a life line for us to cling to when everything else seems to fall away and hope feels lost.

I have updates from previous prayer requests as well as a few new one's.

Update - Cyrus had his second brain surgery a few weeks back. It was much more painful afterwards than the first one. Recently they visited with the doctors only to find out that the tumor is much more aggressive than previously thought. They are calling it stage 3 cancer. What a scary thing to hear. Let's continue to lift up this family. Lord we ask that you wrap your arms of protection so tightly around Jonie that fear has no room to take up residence. We join with the others who are praying for a healing touch from your hand for Cyrus. We know that this cancer is being considered terminal by the doctors but we believe that the God who made Cyrus is in complete control of his very life and has a perfect plan and will for it. Lord we pray for a miraculous work in his body so that people will see and join in praising your name. We pray for financial provision, emotional comfort and spiritual strength for this family.

Update - Stephanie, the young mother of 3 with breast cancer, has begun her chemo. Let's continue to bring her before the Lord for healing. Let's pray against discouragement and depression and ask the Lord to be her constant strong tower.

God we ask you to enable Damie(her husband) to accomplish more than his time or energy would normally allow. Give him abundant faith to be a physical as well as spiritual covering for his wife and family during this trail.

New prayer requests:

  • Mark hurt his back this weekend and is in a lot of pain and having difficulty moving around too much. He does go to work tomorrow. Let's just pray for a good night sleep and for no long term problems with this.

  • Justin (the youth pastor and Mexico trip team leader) has been sick since they got back and is having a hard time shaking it. He heads in to see the Dr. tomorrow.

  • Stacy's little guy, Micah has tubes put in his ears tomorrow morning. Let's pray that it all goes as routinely as it should.

  • A friend of ours, Ron, fell this last week and is trying to recover and his MS is seeming to get worse and he is loosing more feeling in his legs. He has an amazing attitude and trusts God completely with his life. If you spend any amount of time talking with them you would see this immediately. He is truly a living testimony to God. I would pray that God would just bless him in a really special way.

  • Theresa and Roy need a buyer for their house and God's direction for their future. We pray believing that God will provide and knowing he has something just around the corner.

  • Finally, let's continue to pray for all of the team that went to Mexico, that what they saw God do in their lives and the lives of others doesn't stop just because they came back home. I ask Lord that it would be only the beginning for them. Pray that God would continue to ignite the fire for serving others and giving of themselves. I also want us to pray that it becomes contagious to those around them.

Thank you Lord that we can come to you knowing you delight in hearing your children cry out to you. Thank you that you answer with your perfect will for our lives.

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