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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Time To Get Organized

If you have looked at a calendar lately, then you know that school starts again all too soon. As a home school family, we aren't always tied to the same start date, but I am guessing that time is rapidly approaching for you as well. If you are distracted enjoying that delicious river called "Denial" make sure you don't loose track of time at the big bend up ahead called " Last Minute Loop" If you create your supply list now for the upcoming year it will really end up saving quite a bit with all the back to school sales, not to mention all the time you will save during the year by having things purchased and planned out now.

Another thing I like to get done now for the fall is make sure all of my textbooks, tests and answer keys, science lab supplies, daily necessities, art supplies, and musical instruments are ready to go. Once all of these things are here, I can really get a good idea of what our school year will look like, or at least develop a plan for it and then be flexible when needed. There is something about having that plan in place that makes it so much easier to detour from it when that unexpected friend comes for a visit from Sacramento or your sister surprises you with a visit from Ketchikan. You can fill in where needed, drop what is unnecessary, and improvise when possible.

One of the things we have discovered to be an absolute for our kids grade 6-7 and below is what we fondly call "the box". This is a simple little school box that has all of the tools they would typically need during a given day. Our box list includes crayons, markers, 1 glue stick, about 5 sharpened pencils, erasers, scissors, a pen, a calculator, and possibly a highlighter pen. This box fits perfectly in their back packs and can be hauled anywhere we may race off to at a moments notice. This helps eliminate any excuses for being with out their supplies and puts the responsibility on them for keeping their boxes filled and ready to use.

Two additional necessities for my students are their lesson planners and their binders. Check back in next time to see how we use these two must haves. I will also offer suggestions on how to plan out your year or at least your first semester.

I know you may not want to but get off that river and start planning. It can actually be a lot of fun. Then you will be able to enjoy your last few weeks of summer without that looming over your head.


  1. It feels so good when you get a chunk of it done. I love that feeling, and it gets you excited about starting up again. I want to get school supplies last week and they were already out of some of what I needed! Can you believe that? I was like.... I'll go, get stuff before it's gone and while it's on sale... and now I have to go back and hopefully they will have restocked!! LOL!

  2. Oohh... Bridget is getting a lesson planner. I tried to do one last year but it didn't work. I think I'll fill out the entire year this time and check it off as we go. No more slacking this year, I'm laying down the law!!!

  3. Atta girl. She can do it too. She is one smart cookie. Pretty cute little stinker too. :0)