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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Boneman's Daughter

I am a gal who enjoys many a hobby. Sewing, cooking, canning, gardening, scrap booking, puzzling, and saving money just to mention a few. There is one hobby however, that I like no actually love! You might even call it my guilty pleasure. Reading. Sitting in my favorite place with a cup of hot dark chocolate, my favorite lap blanket and a great book in my opinion is very satisfying and relaxing. It enables you to whisk your mind away to another place and sometimes another time altogether without ever leaving your reality. A great author has the ability to engage your mind as well as your emotions. Sometimes after a really amazing read I find myself wondering what happens next to the characters. One author I feel has an incredible gift for bringing words to life and images to mind is TED DEKkER. Many of you will read this name without anything to relate it to. I'm sorry. But you can change that. On the other hand, you may see that name and conjure up all sorts of images from past reads of his. Whatever book or books of his you may have had the opportunity to read so far I am fairly confident saying they left an indelible impression in your mind.

My most recent DEKkER book was "Boneman's Daughter." In this book you find yourself in the unexpected place of indecision over the choices the main character has to make. Is he right or is he wrong? Torn between protective instincts and moral injustice. I found myself wanting to completely avoid the question altogether. To save my family vs. to save innocent children. DEKkER does not mess around with his choice of topics. They are often controversial and always have a moral and or spiritual dilemma at the heart of them . Whether he is engaging your mind with a spiritual battle between characters or challenging your faith to go one step deeper with the Lord, you will always be left wanting more.

If you have read this one, post your comments on it. This particular book has been under some fire due to intent content and nature. He also uses the a__ word in the book. I would suggest that all of his writings are intended for mature audiences and that being said I find I usually enjoy his intense style.

DEKkER fans, raise your hands and post your comments here!

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