This is Me!

This is Me! The good, the bad, and the bald. You get it all! But I have hair now. This spring I'll be rockin the pixie.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Happy Birthday to our sweet Payton Ainsley. This young lady brings so much joy to our family. Her cheerful heart is evidenced in her beautiful smiling face. She has a way of making you feel good. You feel special when you are around Payton. You want to snuggle and hug her to pieces. She has a passionate little spirit inside that God is really growing in her. She loves to love on others as many of you know. She is tender and tough, gentle, and fearless. She makes me want to do my job better. I love being her mom and am proud of the little lady she is growing up to be.
Please join us in wishing this little pumpkin a happy birthday by posting a birthday wish on here for her to see. She loves seeing herself on here! :0)


  1. Oh Payton!!! Happy just for YOU day!!! You are a total blessing to all that know you! Praying extra special blessings for you! We love and miss you!
    The Johnston's

  2. I don't know who you figured out how to make your page look so pretty but it's great! Both of your girls are so beautiful!! The girls have been wanting to know how old she will be, now I can let them know. I hope she has the best day ever!

  3. Happy Birthday sweet girl. I love pink too! So glad you are growing up to love & serve Jesus. may this day bring you soo much fun & blessings from Him. U R one special girl! We luv U! Great-auntie Kathy & Grt uncle Paul & the Nyman clan.

  4. Happy Birthday to you Payton!
    We hope you have a great birthday tomorrow and that you feel like the loved & special girl you are! Year 8 is going to be great:)
    Much love,
    Roy, Theresa and Levi

  5. Happy Birthday BEAUTIFUL 8 Year Old!!!! Can you believe it that you're eight? That's half way to sixteen! We love that sweet smile and enjoyed the pictures of you. I especially liked the pictures of you making shows your giving heart. You will never regret showing love to others. Have a happy day and we pray you will know how incredibly special you are. Love to you from all of us at The Wieber home!

  6. Happy Birthday Sweet Payton!! Wish we were there to help you celebrate your special day - we miss you!! We love all of the great pictures your mom posted of you - you are a beautiful young lady inside and out!! We pray that the Lord will bless you with many fun surprises today and all year long!! Happy, Happy 8th Birthday!!
    Nick,Shawna,Landon,Levi,Alyvia,& Luke

  7. Happy Birthday sweet Payton! I can't believe that you are 8! However, I can tell you are because you deserve very much to be 8! You are such a beautiful, talented, compassionate, thoughtful and strong little lady of God. Charity Ann is so excited that you asked her to share your special day with you. Birthday's are such important and fun milestones in your journey. They should be spent carefully and thoughtfully but mostly with lots of fun and love!! Have a fabulous day today and I hope your party is all you are hoping it will be. But most of all, know that Jesus is smiling for you always but he has extra big smiles for you today. Love you sweetheart!

  8. "Thanks for saying happy birthday and hope you had a great day!"

    Love Payton

  9. Payton- WoW! Your are 8!!!! It's hard to believe... I remember when you were a baby... One memory I have is a Sunday (when you lived in Spokane) and I came up to you at church to say hi to you... You smiled and your bright soft blue eyes shown! You had just gotten your ear's pierced!!! And you looked like a beautiful doll!! Look at you now..... You are pretty as ever with those bright blue eyes that shine! And what's more you shine on the inside too!! What a little blessing you are to your family!! It was fun to read your mom's words that described you and spoke of the sparkle and shine you bring to your family and friends! We think of you often and we pray a special blessing for this coming year in that you will continue to shine w/those beautiful smiles that warms everyone's hearts!

    I believe God has big special plans for you Miss Payton!!

    We love you! Ruthie and family--Matt, Ben, Sam, & Sophia