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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Cooking Lesson

My nephew, Nick, took on one of the family responsibilities of cooking dinner. First things first, to choose just the right recipe. Based on the photo, I would say he choose well. With all of his ingredients out and ready he begins, and with a smile too.

He got his rice started first.

He fought a good fight with the garlic press and I must say he won with valiant effort and the garden fresh garlic was minced right into his sauce.

Those of you who know me and know my "Ratatouille" style of cooking also understand that for the most part, I am not a clean as you go cook. This suited our young chef to a T. I think his style and mine might be a bit similar in the mess department.

While he didn't cry over the spilt ingredients, he did shed a tear or two over the fresh onion. I ended up helping him out with this one. I couldn't stand to see the poor guy getting so choked up over this little white root.

When it came to the beef this guy attacked with precision and purpose.

Then it was into the skillet for a little stir fry action.

"Skillet? Did you say Skillet?" he questioned.

"Yes, Nick." I replied. "But not the band. The pan with hot oil in front of you."

I think you will agree, he got the right skillet.

With some fresh tomatoes and peas from the garden, he continued his masterpiece. Our anxious little chef had to practice patience and perseverance to wait for these veggies to soften and soak in the flavor. As you can see, and we can all attest to, the wait was worth it. The dinner was a huge success. The flavor was amazing. The veggies and meat were flavorful. The cook felt a great sense of pride in his workmanship. So much so,
that it was off to the kitchen he scooted to make chocolate marbled brownies with a cream cheese topping.

I don't think he minded getting the night off from kitchen detail either. As a rule here, the cook doesn't usually have to clean up dishes. Well at least that rule applies when the chefs don't answer to the name "mom."
Nick did a great job! And we all enjoyed his meal. Way to go buddy!


  1. I'm glad to find that I'm not the only mom who has to clean her own dishes. haha! Loved this post, Tami. You are awesome at giving opportunity...and it looks like Nick loved helping with dinner! My only complaint is that we live too far away to have sampled that amazing looking dinner! love you lots.

  2. Looks delish!! Good job Nick!!

  3. The Boat House, Ron, Nancy and PepperAugust 25, 2010 at 4:55 PM

    The making of another Emeril, looks wonderful!