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This is Me! The good, the bad, and the bald. You get it all! But I have hair now. This spring I'll be rockin the pixie.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Indoor Plantings Begin.

God seems to have planted deep within me this passion for gardening and growing things. I really love every aspect of it. The first tilling up of the ground means my girls and I are going barefoot through the soft dirt. The weeding, while tedious brings a great satisfaction when it is done. But there is nothing like the harvest or being able to divide a plant to share. I just thrive on it.

I am doing some home therapy for the slow moving winter months. I am experimenting with some early seeds indoors. They still are in the 512 grow trays. We'll see how they do. I have planted things like peppers, tomatillos, tomatoes, melons, and several flowers that I want ready early for baskets.

I will be starting my usual things out in the greenhouse in the next few weeks. I have to do some trimming and get a few pots ready to be set outside to create room for the seedling trays. I will let you know what works, what comes up first, and any tips we uncover along the way. Get growing!!!

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