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Monday, February 14, 2011

Fiction With Power!

I come to you with yet another DeKker book to report on. This time, I was not only caught up in the story and lives of the characters, which at times had me in tears, (unbelievable for some of you I understand), but I found that God had a specific purpose for my timely reading of this book. "When Heaven Weeps" was an incredible albeit fictional representation of the sacrificial love Christ has for each of us. Some unexpected soul searching would direct my eyes to the mirror, and the depravity of my own heart. I was confronted with countless memories of times when given the choice to love someone through a storm at my own expense, I instead, slunk into the mainstream philosophy that says you can't treat me like that. Each time, the heart growing colder. While God's mercies are new every morning... my mercy was all but invisible. While his Grace is abundant, mine showed up a little more like the wisp of a dandylion seed.

How many times has my savior observed my attitude and actions and shook his head before saying. "Come on daughter. Come on back home. Don't you know how much I love you? I gave you your life, and I gave up mine for you. Nothing you can do will change that." The further into this book I read, the more I found myself asking God to take the areas of my heart that had grown cold and graft in his supernatural love. Only he who created every living thing by the very breath of his mouth, could speak something into a cold, lifeless, and empty vessel. Only by his unchanging, unfailing, unconditional love can we ever experience loving and being loved sacrificially.

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