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Thursday, October 7, 2010

To Haiti With Love - Part 2

Got Shoes? They Don't! Let's Share!!!

What do apples and zucchini, tennis shoes and Haiti have in common? Everything if your name is Gavin Mikkelson. He has been working hard at his fund raiser to buy shoes for the people of Haiti. He has made flyer's and distributed them. He has gone up and let people know, and he has been baking non-stop. I could very possibly retire from my job as head baker in our home except for one problem... I love to bake as much as Gavin.
It was an easy and natural fit for the girls and the dresses and this seems to be that fit for Gavin. I think it is super important for us to involve our kids in learning the needs of others and then responding to the need. I love that for Gavin this is a very natural gifting in his heart.

He has been making zucchini bread, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, banana bars, and apple pies just to name the current goods. His weekly list of available items changes every Sunday, however, I am pretty certain you could make a request and find he was more than willing to accommodate. His fee is donation only, and 100% of your donation goes towards the purchase of shoes (and possibly clothes) for our church team to take with them and distribute in December. Our family is donating the ingredients and other items required so that he can truly spend 100% on the gift.

This weeks choices are apple strudel bread, apple crisp muffins, apple pie, French apple custard, or apple crisp. He is also making cookies and pumpkin breads or muffins. All baked good are from scratch and having sampled one or two, let me tell you they are pretty great! If I were to recommend one to you this week, it would hands down be the apple crisp muffins. This is dessert in a cup!

Call or post a comment if you are interested in contributing to this cause and aquiring some breads or baked goods for your family. He will be holding his bake sale fundraiser from now til December, so think of holiday ideas you may like some additional baked goods for.

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