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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Urgent Call!

In a recent conversation with a sister in the Lord, she expressed a feeling of urgency prompted by the Lord. Upon further discussion, I began to gather the reason for the urgency was an unknown, and yet it was there all the same. The unknown reason was causing her to pause over the validity of the feeling.
Later on in my own prayer time, as I prayed over and pondered this, it caused me to question my own response to recent urgings from the Lord, one specifically being prayer. When He is asking me to respond to a matter urgently, am I? or do I wait til I feel rested and ready or worse yet, until it is more convenient for my schedule? Do I miss out on growth opportunities because I fear this unknown call to urgency?
Am I disciplined in my prayer life to the point that fear does not win out over the voice of God? Further more, do I pray like I believe God can and does answer? or

is it simply a well formed habit of a "christian" that I follow?


Stephanie - for those of you who have been following Stephanies pray request, this is a biggie, she has her double mastectomy surgery today. Pray that it goes well and that all the cancer is GONE! We ask you Lord to give wisdom and steadiness to the doctors and peace to the entire family. Thank you Lord for your presence in this family and for the encouragement of an entire church community.

My aunt - She has an appointment with her Dr's today for two major things. 1. to determine the need for surgery on her knee. (She had a fall a while back) 2. the Dr's are quite sure she has thyroid cancer but the only way to determine this accurately is to operate, remove it and then biopsy it. She is asking for wisdom in these two big choices. She doesn't do surgery well, meaning her body responds poorly to anesthesia, both going under and coming back out. Lord, we just ask you to impart total clarity of mind to her as she listens to there advise and then seeks your will for her future. We know she is trusting you for each day given and has rock solid faith, so Lord show up to her in this as tangibly as you have so many other times.

Mark, Cory, Brian, Dustin - among the many in our country who find themselves unemployed are these4 dear brothers. God you have provided miraculously so far and we are confident you will continue to do so in the future. Please be preparing these men for their next jobs. Allow them to stay in their communities if it is in your will and give them clear vision if you are calling them to move with their families.

Sue - This is both a praise and a request. They received an offer on her mothers' house right away and have accepted it. In this market, as we all know, this is a huge blessing. Now they are just waiting for the inspection and this is the request. That it would go well. We ask that you direct the inspector to anything that may be unsafe for someone ,but that they would not nit pick the little things. It would also be great if the house could close before her newest grandson is expected to be born, Oct. 15th.
Theresa - The precious mother of this newest grandson will be doing the delivering of said grandson. Lord we pray that his arrival is a safe and healthy one. We ask you to remove any lingering fear Theresa may have and replace it with confidence in you and strength. Give her rest these last few weeks so she can enjoy this special time of new life. Bless their home and family and all who will be entering it.

me - I have felt a bit behind the game this September. I feel like I have been playing catch up with work, home, finances, friends, family, everything and I hate that feeling. Allow me to stop and wait upon you so that my strength may be renewed. Help me to prioritize based on your calling for my life in this season. Help me to be joyful in each job opportunity that is provided right now to help our family. Keep our home open to others so that we can keep giving of what we have so abundantly been blessed with. I ask that you keep me humble and accountable Lord.

Mark - He has decided after prayer to apply to go on our churches mission trip to Haiti. This will be in late December and January. Pray that if he is supposed to go, God will make it clear, his shots will be taken care of and his role on this trip will be clear.

Teresa, Kevin, and Vivian - Thier father was taken to the hospital yesterday with some unclear issues. They don't seem to be serious. They did discover pneumonia. The plan was to send him home. Lord we just ask that you be with him. Touch his body and heal the pneumonia and bring his blood sugars to a good stable level that is comfortable for him to live with. Give peace, strength, and endurance to the family as the take extra good care of him right now.

a brother of a friend needs to be making good choices for his life and his child. He needs to be constantly pressing in to hear the voice of the Lord and head the calling for the direction of his life. He needs to step up and out in faith and start living a responsible life. Lord convict this heart in love and draw it unto yourself with a sense of passion and urgency for these choices.

Pray for our church as we begin to look seriously at our property and what God is calling us to do with it. Let us join together to pray earnestly seeking his desire and then be still and listen as he shows us the way. I think this is becoming a more important issue as we begin this time of serious prayer for our city. We should be praying expecting God to move in the hearts of the people in our community. This will mean bringing in the harvest of new and returning believers to the church bodies. I fervently ask Lord, that you be preparing our hearts as the church to grow and reach out with one hand reaching down and one reaching up (thanks Justin). We ask that you increase our flock not for the sake of numbers but for the eternal purpose of Heaven.

One of my kids friends needs a heart touch from God. Lord you know the circumstances and the specific issue so I ask you to speak directly to it.

Praise Reports-

We have several praise reports as a family. God continues to show favor on us with blessing after blessing. As a family we are strong right now because we have had to band together and friends, it is good. The kids have pitched in to help with a new job opportunity we have. We are cutting back on things around the house and life is still busy but simpler.

Personally, my health is in a good place. My nerve issue is very manageable to the point that Mark and I have begun a consistent exercise time together. This has allowed me to sleep better and God has given my strength and is teaching me to have pure faith. Growing pains suck when your experiencing them but looking back it is so good to have gone through it.

The men's bible study is getting off the ground tonight. God meet them there, challenge them, grow them up, light the fire in them to become the warriors of God you want them to be. Call up these men Lord and bring them to the banqueting table. Let them feast on the very word of God and come home full and overflowing.

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  1. Thank you, sweet sister. :o)))) What a great reminder to not fear, but place our trust with Him. Your card was timely and encouraging. Thank you for remembering Steph so well. I haven't heard anything yet from her but keep praying. I'm praying for Char, Mark and his friends, as well as the other things needing prayer. Thank you for keeping the focus where it should be, on our knees!