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Friday, October 29, 2010

Blessed Abundantly

"I can't find my shoes mom" "Which one's?"
"Which car are you going to take to work?"
"What do you guys want for dinner tonight?"
"Do you all want to go camping again this summer?"
"This computer is so slow, I think it is time for a new one."
"Did you get me that new CD (book) mom?"
"Do you guys want to go see that new movie?"

Do any of these phrases sound familiar to you too? Do you know what they all have in common? They show the extravagant extent to which we are blessed. We have abundant choices in our lives, we have room for multiples and extras. Have you ever thought about it that way? When I get up in the morning the choices are never ending.

Alarm clock set to music or cd? What cd? cotton or flannel sheets? body wash or sugar scrub? What should I wear? Flat hair or curly today? What should I eat? What color of eyeshadow? Coffee or tea? Which shoes? Which car should I drive? and that only covers a few choices and gets me through the morning. I am sure you could add a dozen different choices from your routine. So, you see my point. We live blessed lives.

Mark continues to find himself in this uncomfortable phase of life where he is unable to be the financial provider and yet God is using this time to draw our attention to His form of provision. If you have never experienced this, I would highly recommend it. While we have been guilty of wanting to hold on to our physical dollars during this time, we continue to have friends and family over to share our home and food. What we are learning in this is that the more we give it away and share it, the more we have. Plain and simple. We have all heard this principle before, but have we ever really put it to the test? Ask our kids how this is working or better yet, come have dinner with us and see for yourselves. Our freezers, fridges, and pantry cupboards are abundantly overflowing with provision for daily sustenance. It has been a season of great faith building around here.
Another area of abundant blessing in our life is our family and friends. We are so grateful to have each of you in our lives. So many of you both know and unknown to us, have blessed our family during this season of unknowns. You have sent notes of encouragement, you have joined us on our knees in crying out to God, you have opened up your homes and dinner tables and shared from your baskets and you have walked beside us on days when there just aren't words. Our hearts of full of grattitude for your generousity and endless faithful petitions on our behalf. We pray God would be returning the blessing back to your home, ten fold.

God Bless as you pursue the Blessed Life. If you really want to go further with this, check out Craig Groeschel at and look for the series "the Blessed Life."

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  1. Thanks Tami! You're always an encouragement to me! When Mike was out of work, several years back, for over a year, it was the best of times for our family. We grew so much closer to God and each other. We learned quickly what we could live without(there was so much freedom in that) and saw just how blessed we were with what we did have instead of focusing on what we didn't have. Just wanted to share that with you:-). Blessings and prayers for your family. Angie