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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This week I am happy to report on so many situations that have clearly had a touch from our Almighty God.

Colby - The young man in the motorcycle accident is not only out of the hospital but is at home and doing quite well. This simply put is nothing short of a miracle. God is supernaturally allowing and willing this man's body to heal as if to say, " Not yet kid. I have way to much planned for your future, but first I need you to heal up and show my goodness to all that are watching."

Theresa and Roy - They have gotten an offer on their house. Lord we pray the bank would accept this offer and move it along at such a pace that would allow Theresa and Roy to make other arrangements, be moved and settled either well before or safely after Lukas's arrival. We also ask that your hand would be on the delivery of their little Lukas Asher which is quickly approaching.

Kelli - A gal is fighting cancer of the mouth. The prognosis is good but Lord we ask that you make it GREAT! Let those around her see that she is walking this road hand in hand with her savior.

Mark, Dustin, Cory - All three men are still waiting on the Lord for provision of a job. All have seen God provide for daily needs and beyond and are trusting in his timing. Bless these men in this time of being a part of the stay home family units. I know that Mark being around has been different at times than we are used to but oh so amazing in so many ways. I have seen Mark step up around the house with everything including school. (he makes a great teacher by the way) He has pressed into God by saturating his mind and heart with the Word of God. He is truly rested, which is something I haven't seen in years. He is very aware of the provision of our Jehovah and I believe he is truly resting in it. So while this time is a gift and we are enjoying it ( strangely more now than at the beginning) we continue to seek God for work locally.

A young man has recently become a full time father which is a huge blessing but also a huge change. Pray that God would walk this road with him, step by step, gently teaching and instructing him in the way he should be guiding and parenting his young child.

A friend's grown son is still walking the wider, easier to see path but recently experienced in his life a situation that I pray God would use to draw his eyes, mind, and heart back to himself. The head knowledge is there but Lord God we want this heart to be sold out for you. We ask for a miraculous change.

A prayer walk is being coordinated for the city of Blaine, WA. We are praying to see 1,000 people involved in walking and praying through the city, around the schools, and up and down the streets of Blaine. Lord we want to see you wake up this town. We want to see healing and young lives changed. We ask that you break bonds of addiction and abuse. Free people from bonds of confining sins. Loose your Holy Spirit in the hearts of the Christians of Blaine. Increase our faith to trust you for revival. Give us "Faith Like Potatoes."

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