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Monday, June 21, 2010

Tristan's Wish Weekend

As you know, Tristan received a wish a few weeks back. We got to enjoy it this last weekend.

Our adventures began at the Museum of Flight. This place is huge! We are talking full size SR71 Blackbird huge. There were so many planes and space exploration vehicles. Very impressive. We got to walk through the very first Airforce One and one of the Concorde jets and the hands on simulators were a huge hit too. I think only Tristan and I were able to successfully land the Space Shuttle. Better luck next time guys. Payton managed to come pretty close to the target in the hang glider simulator. She
even got closer than Mark. They also have an incredible WWI and WWII area. If you ever have the opportunity, I would highly recommend this place.

He got to pick one restaurant to eat at. His choice... RainForest Cafe of course. The food was good, the atmosphere was great, but I think if you were to ask Tristan what the best part was, he might say it was seeing this giant, sparkler topped, molten chocolate, ice cream filled volcano arrive in front of him and forgetting for a minute that he even had diabetes. Yes, we let him dive in and go for it. We all shared it actually. The tricky part of letting him have a chocolate fudge, cool whip covered, brownie smeared with peanut butter, and ice cream blitz is the carb counting. Lets see here burger - 60 carbs, diet coke - 0 carbs, fries - 45ish, brownie - ...... "hey mom, should I just count 200 carbs to be safe?" I guess we are getting pretty good at this because later that afternoon, his sugar was safely sitting at 139. And the memory for him, priceless.

As always, the hotel and pool were a favorite. I completely get why kids think staying somewhere other than home is so great. Especially if it is at the Embassy Suites. Who wouldn't love snacks in the evening, someone else making your bed, breakfast made for you AND cleaned up. We all had a really great time there. Swimming, games, movies, riding the elevator, pushing the alarm in the elevator, (Mark) enjoying all the tropical plants by the indoor waterfall and stream, and an endless supplies of virgin Margaritas.

We finished up our time with a quick visit to Pioneer Square in Seattle and Tristan's favorite rock store. To say he was grateful for the weekend would be an understatement. We all feel the same way. What a special gift and what a precious memory for all of us.

Next up on the agenda for this guy, Mexico! He leaves this Thursday. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful, exciting trip you had!