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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Time!

I can't believe the trip is here already and yet... I can. He has been practicing his lines, reading his assignments, and working hard with the team to get ready. Now it's time.

We have begun to collect all his things and put them in one place. I had him gather up all his clothes, toiletries, and other items we got him for the trip and bring them to the dining room. The dining room tabletop has turned into the packing checklist station. I helped him go through his check list and make sure it was all there. Let's see

clothing - check

  • work shoes and gloves - check

  • shampoo and soaps - check

  • water bottle and sunscreen - check

  • hat and sunglasses - check

  • bible and journal - check

  • bedding and money - check

  • diabetes supplies - check

  • back up diabetes supplies - check
  • mom's faith - oh wait
I know it was here somewhere. At least I thought I had it, then the days started getting closer and the sugar numbers started creeping up a little higher. I received the flight departure information and time to be at the church. I got the emergency numbers of all the people in Mexico. I went over all the possibilities of a diabetes equipment malfunction and manual methods of insulin delivery with the youth pastor and his wife. We covered emergency situations, when to call the hospital, and worst case scenarios. Great! We have covered everything and I think I have everything else together. Now where did I put my faith? Did I put it with his travel documents? or maybe with his medical supplies? Did I pack it in my sock drawer with doubt and worry or hide it in the junk drawer with fear and anxiety? Oh no wait! I remember! I kept it somewhere safe gently tucked into the pages between Genesis and Revelation, where there would be constant reminders of others who have gone before me with faith for their children like Abraham and Isaac, Hannah and Samuel, and Mary and Jesus. All of these parents had to choose to walk in faith. And what great examples they were.

They stuffed their bags last night until they came close to the magic number, 50lbs. They got all of the puppets, VBS supplies, and extra bibles squished into place and set their bags aside for today.
We met at the church, took lots of pictures, and Pastor Ryoichi and Justin prayed with the kids.

We piled luggage and bodies into the cars and off to the airport we cruised. They got all checked in and sent half of their luggage on it's way. Not long now.

I had to run to the store. Tristan's Diabetes alert bracelet had broken. I zipped into Fred Meyer thinking surely they would have it. "NO!" The pharmacist said. "You'll have to order one." He doesn't know what he is talking about I think. I've gotten them at Walmart. We have time. Let's jet into Target. "No." This pharmacist confirms.
Gavin, Terin, Payton and I race back to say goodbye, hitting every red light and slow driver along the way. Dear Lord, I trust you, but can I at least say goodbye to my boy before I send him on this adventure? Can I hug him one more time before he steps foot on the plane to serve you? But, I will trust in you.

We made it in time. Thank you Lord. We gave big hugs all around as we said goodbye to the team. Little Payton with such a big tender heart. It was so hard to say goodbye to her big brother. We trust in you Lord because of your words to us in

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."


  1. one of my favorite verses ever.
    Tristan we have been and will continue to pray for you. May God use you in ways that you will never forget.

    Nick and family

  2. Okay I am in tears...I am a very hormonal auntie right now, but I am so proud of Tristan and you and Mark and they way you have guided him to have a heart for the Lord. Also so proud of Payton as I know they've never been apart for this length of time before.
    Thanks for sharing! We are praying!

  3. Knowing you will do just fine as long as you hold on to the Lord. Keep us updated on how things go. I am sure they will all have a great trip.

  4. Tami, WOW! You should consider writing a book or something! :) Love it again!! Did you find the ID bracelet at Walmart?? I've seen them there too!! I hope you did. Any way I'm glad you made it in time to HUG for your son. He's such a delight to watch grow and become like David-A man after God's heart! Love you. Ruthie

    Tristan, I will pray pray pray for a hedge of protection to surround you (and your team)and that you will be a light in these children's lives. I have no doubt that you will make lasting impressions with not only these children but yourself too! I will pray for your mom back home too! Love you Tristan. Ruthie

  5. Thanks for all of the prayers. Nick, I echo your prayer about using him in ways he will never forget. I told Tristan at HomeGroup this week that I was praying God would ROCK his world.
    I talked to the youth pastor this morning and they are heading south soon.

  6. Thanks Roofus. I didn't have time to check Walmart then. I will probably end up ordering one now so that it is "cool" not dorky. Heaven forbid it. I will check Walmart though, just for my own sanity. Not that I have any.