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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Celebration of Joy

A few weeks ago, we enjoyed our end of the school year concert at HomeConnections. At the closing of the concert Mary Lyn Nair invited our family up onto the stage. They presented us with a plaque honoring our family for contributions to the American Diabetes Association through the School Walks that we have organized. We were very suprised and honored. Then they blessed Tristan with a special "Make A Wish" to recognize his struggles with Diabetes and encourage him to be who he was created to be no matter what obstacles he faces. This gift came from a foundation the Nairs as a family have recently created called "Rishis Gift Foundation." He choose a weekend in Seattle at the Embassy Suites and a visit to the Museum of Flight. We get to enjoy this gift together as a family starting this Thursday morning. We will drive down and play for 3 straight days!!! We will keep you updated hopefully with some fun pictures.

Until we leave, we have a great opportunity for Tristan and our family as well as yours to give back, and to join in the celebration. Tonight at 7:00pm at the Amadeus Project they are hosting a concert and art show featuring Rishi. Tristan will be participating both by singing and selling his art. Gavin is joining in the art show as well. Both boys are donating half of their sales to Rishis Gift Foundation. You can purchase a print of their art tonight at the concert or by leaving a comment on the blog or an email at Here is a sample or two of the art that will be available tonight.

Gifts like this don't take away the diseases themselves or replace broken bodies and minds with healthy ones. What it does, is recognize the struggle and the strength it takes to keep fighting and smiling when you are constantly battling something beyond your control. It gives the rest of us a chance to look outside ourselves to the lives of others and realize how blessed we are.

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