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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Final Phase of Radiation Begins

"That's amazing!  It looks better than last week."  These were the words from my shocked radiologist today when he examined my burns.  He couldn't believe what he saw. He fully expected one or two areas to be blistered and weeping. And yet they are looking so much better.  I told him about the salve I have been using and he was quite interested.  I BET he is!      Another sweet friend made me another mixture very similar to the other so I am set and healing bound.  I practically bathe in this stuff right now.  Who knows what else it will help with.

Today was the last treatment to the lymph node areas!  YAY!   Tomorrow starts what they call a boost.  It is a concentrated burst of electrons to the former tumor site.  This will take a little extra time to set up tomorrow and then 7 treatments and I am done!  

Now I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you for your faithful prayer as I continue on this crazy detour.  

I would love to share a list of names of the women I have met along the way as well as friends who have had cancer in the past.  I realize it is just a long list of names, but each has an amazing story. Some are survivors praying for no re-occur, but most are currently fighting and some fight for their lives!  Please join me in lifting them up in prayer as you read through.  It does make a difference.  Prayer is a powerful gift.  Thank you.  

Holly,    Julia,    Stephanie,    Michelle, Lori,    Linda,    Alice,    Erica,    Patty, Claris,    Mel,    Vonnie,    Donna,    Maria, Gwen,    Denise,    Kim,    Laurel,    Phyllis,    Wendy,    Rhonda,    Carol,  and Nancy

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