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Monday, October 28, 2013

A Gift Fit For A Princess

Today I received a gift from an angel.  I was a minute or two late for my 2:30 treatment time which turned out to be fine as they were running uncharacteristically behind schedule.  I sat down in the empty waiting area and began to read.  Then the sweet face of a woman I have gotten acquainted with came around the corner.  Her name is Lori.  We share a very similar diagnosis. We went through identical chemo treatments and are at the same place with our radiation days.  In fact, the radiation techs often confuse us because we are similar in our builds and quite similar in our hairstyles, color and even hair length.  And we both usually have a big smiles on our faces.  Today when the tech came to get me, he looked between us a few times and we laughed and joked with him saying you're not sure which one of us you need are you?  He smiled. Looked between us again and said questioningly, "Tami?"  I made it easy on the poor guy and stood to go with him.  

Last week she was beginning to experience the burning around the same areas as I was. But today as she rounded the corner she took one look at me and blurted out "I am so happy to see you!  I have something for you."  She proceeded to pull a small mason jar from her purse and handed it eagerly to me. She then explained how a friend had made this special salve for her and within 4 days her skin, although still getting radiated shows no signs of burn.  Not even redness.   She continued to tell me that after she realized how much it was helping her skin, she wanted me to have some too.  She remembered that we had talked last week and she had seen how burnt I was.  She called her friend and went over to her house and made some for me.  They call it Jesus Salves.  Fitting don't you think?  As I read the list of ingredients, I felt as if I were receiving a gift fit for a princess. The first two ingredients were Frankincense and Myrrh, the same gifts once given to a King.  I was very touched by the thoughtfulness of her gift and knew that God had indeed had a hand in this.  You see both Lori and I started our appointments 5 weeks ago with an 11:00 time. Then I bounced to a 1:50 for a few weeks and then 2:45 for a week. This week I am at 2:30. And so is Lori.  Gods sweet and perfect timing of such a precious gift was indeed a treasure.  He knows when his children need a little something extra, and I love that he chooses to use regular everyday people to be the angels who deliver it.  I've used my gift twice today already and it is very soothing.  


                   9 marbles left 

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  1. Tami, you surely are a Princess! A daughter of THE King. Beautiful.