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This is Me! The good, the bad, and the bald. You get it all! But I have hair now. This spring I'll be rockin the pixie.

Friday, September 20, 2013


It is time to unveil the mystery behind the initials CFP.  You have heard me toss it out into conversation with out any explanation, leaving it to hang there like the lone pepper in an Olive Garden salad. Oh sure, you know it's there, but why?  Is anyone going to eat it? What is its' purpose I mean after all, it is Olive Garden.  At least that explains the 3-4 olives lingering at the bottom of your salad bowl.  And whatever happened to the giant olives they used to put in there?  Anyway...  It has been a funny little side joke between my sister-in-law and myself.  Actually, she coined the phrase.  It came about as a result of my insensitive or tacky comments about cancer, namely, my own cancer.  CFP stand for Cancer Faux Pas and it might look something like this:

Tami :  (Oh look!  M & M's)  grabbing a handful

Concerned Friend : (You aren't going to eat those are you?)

Tami : (Why? What are they going to do?  Give me Caner?)

Concerned Friend : (                         ) Shocked and speechless

Here is another example that I am sure my kids will attest to.

Mom:  (Hey, would you guys help me clean up the backyard and oh by the way I think there are rats in the greenhouse we need to get out.  Thanks)

Kids:  (Really?  Are you kidding?  Rats?  What are we supposed to do?)

Mom: (come on guys. I have cancer and could really use your help.  I am still really tired and my joints ache.  Can't you just help me by getting this cleaned out.  The garden could use weeding too btw.)

How about the one I shared at the beginning of this journey.  It came from a great kid who is notorious for CFP's and other FP's and I love this about him. 

I think it was right before my first surgery, the kids all had a party to show their support.  Several of the teens from my running class were there and they had all pitched in to raise money and get these Team Tami bracelets.  One of the kids shouted out into the big group of people "Who needs breasts when you have friends?"  Good point    With the left over money, they purchased Zaycon Chicken breasts.  Not to be outdone, I felt it fitting to add "And look I have plenty of spare breasts now anyway!"

This one I didn't do, but we thought about it and I actually told the poor border patrol that I was going to do it.

Tami: approaching the border with kids and mom in the car.  The suggestion comes in to wait until the middle of the questions and then casually pull off the wig as he is looking at my passport. 

After we told the very kind border patrol of our plot he said (oh no, I can't deal with that one.  I am retiring in one year)   ??? 

Please understand this is not intended to poke fun at anyone else with cancer.  This has been strictly directed at myself and my cancer experiences.  I think most of you already know this about me, but just in case I wanted to make this very clear.  I am in no way minimizing the cancer journey that others are on.  I am simply choosing to pepper mine with cayenne and keep it spicy.

I know there are a lot of other incidents where I am guilty of the CFP, but I would rather hear from you....  please commenet back or message me your favorite CFP that you heard me engage in.  And please don't be shy. 



  1. Lol! I think any joke about cancer is a CFP. When Damie and I crack jokes about cancer, people get really quiet and look at us like we are from another planet. It is all scary and serious to them, but to us, it's just life.

    1. seriously. It's like having a private joke book that is only funny if you have the same joke book. Or I guess it's like nursing jokes if you haven't nursed a baby.

  2. I can't think of any CFP I heard you do. But just know... if I ever find myself in your shoes, I hope I keep my spirits and my sense of humor up like your did! You are an inspiration!

  3. I can't think of any CFP I heard you do. But just know... if I ever find myself in your shoes, I hope I keep my spirits and my sense of humor up like your did! You are an inspiration!

  4. Love a good sense of humor, and you have one.....! “I am thankful for laughter except when milk comes out of my nose.”
    - Woody Allen,