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Monday, August 12, 2013

So Now What Do I Do? - Tips

The Biopsy results are back and they used the "C" word. Now what?

 There are a few options at this point. The doctors will give you what they feel is the best choice for your situation based on several factors. It may very well involve surgery and then a treatment plan. There are natural options that some people chose. Do some research. Look both routes over unless you already know what you feel is the appropriate course for you. I did some looking into diets and alternative choices. It was not the way to go for me. On the other hand, the day I discussed the full plan with my Dr., I left his office with confidence and complete peace and knew that this was the route I was supposed to take.

 Time for surgery. Yikes! What's this gonna be like? Honestly, like a really good nap. The procedure itself isn't hard. Do your homework and make sure you feel very, very, VERY comfortable with the surgeon. Get opinions from people you know in the profession or who have first hand experience, but in the end it is your decision. Just keep in mind, you will be spending a lot of time in a small clinical room with someone reviewing scans and images of breasts, and repeatedly using the term breast and when this word is used and theses images are observed, it is very often going to be about you and yours. So make sure you feel comfortable.

 One issue that can arise after surgery is fluid in the surgical site. This is particularly true for the lymph nodes. The trick is to keep ice on the area and limit the movement. The more you move around the more the lymphatic fluids build up. If it does build up it can become uncomfortable. It is a fairly simple and mostly painless procedure to drain the fluid, but keep on top of it so that you don't wind up with an infection. The key at this stage is to relax and allow your body to heal. Let your friends and family help and by all means keep that bag of frozen peas handy. It is the perfect size and molds to fit well.

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