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Monday, January 3, 2011

Final Day in Haiti

Can you believe the time is almost up? I know of at least one that was wishing it were a bit longer. Today they continue with the medical clinic, clean up projects, and English lessons. Pray that the God would protect the team today from fear and temptations, that He would keep the unity of the team in Christ, and that they would remain healthy and strong for this final day.

Just because our teams head back home tomorrow and our personal interests of having a loved one back will be met, lets not forget the passion we have felt this last 10 days in praying for this people and nation. I urge you to continue to set aside a portion of your prayer time to remember this people group. Continue to seek God's spiritual cleansing of the land. Pray that darkness would be vanquished and the true light and love of Jesus would begin to shine and grow. And pray for those children. There are hundreds of them stuck in orphanages and children's homes. Pray that God would use this confined opportunity to make himself known to this younger generation.

As our team and the team from Alabama head home tomorrow, remember to pray for safe travels for them, but more importantly lets ask God to really be speaking to them about how this trip will affect their lives in the future. What did He show them in Haiti over the last 10 days that He wants them to carry with them throughout their daily walk? What things do they need to leave there and hand over to God? What will re-adjustment feel like and look like? Does God want them to make big changes in their own lives and the lives of their families, or was this a time to grow in Him, serve others, and learn to trust Him on a deeper level for things beyond their control? For each person the answer to these questions will probably look very different, but I pray they each take the time to really seek God as they re-enter our fast paced, modernized, lives of "stuff" and discern His will for their tomorrows.

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