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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow!

As amazing as the miracles of the bible seem, have you ever just stopped and tried to physically insert yourself into those scenes? Have you imagined yourself in the crowd when Lazarus came walking forth from the grave, still wearing his grave clothes? Once the fear, wonder, and aroma passed, what would your mind register after witnessing this miracle? Would you have words? Could you even manage a cohesive thought? What unspeakable joys might your heart have felt to be a friend of the woman who had bled for years, only to have her come to your home one day barely able to speak as she shares with you the news. "Finally! It's over!" Just think, this is not a man decked out in a black suit with tails, a red cravat, and cameras walking around doing street magic. This is a simple carpenter, sent here to bring an eternal miracle to you and me. We don't have to have tickets to see these "magic" shows. He brings his miracles to testify to the glory and majesty of His dad. And get this... we can call him friend, Abba, or savior if we choose to.

I write to you today, feeling like I am reporting on a miracle of New Testament proportions. I received an update on someone we have all been praying for, Cyrus. Just in case you are unfamiliar, I will explain. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor much earlier this year. They operated and were only able to remove so much. They said it was rapid growing and that ultimately it would win, in at best 5 years. We have been praying and journeying with them through this valley of the shadow of death. My spirit rejoices to report to you that he, Cyrus, just this last week stepped out of the valley. He received word from his physician that not only is this tumor not going to end his life early, it isn't going to end it at all because Praise be to God on high, the cancer is GONE! He is completely cancer free. I can only imagine how far reaching the tentacles of this miracle will be. He is good, all the time! To quote his wife "the only thing left to prove he had brain cancer is the hole in his head where the tumor once resided and the scar and lack of hair on his head." The family is asking for God to be moving in the lives of all the Dr.s involved. By name they are Dr. Manning, Dr. Smith, Dr. Han, and Dr. Zucherman. Let's continue to pray for the family and thank God for what he has done and ask God to continue to use them in this for His Glory.
To read more on this miracle for yourself, go to

We need to keep Stephanie in our prayers. She is still fighting her fight in a second round of chemo. She has been sick and is feeling so very week. Lord I pray that your joy would be her strength. That even in this pit of despair, her joy filled heart would be good medicine to her spirit and her body. Be ever present with her.

An Elder and a friend from our church has been in the hospital with pneumonia. It has been a real bugger for him to shake, but he was finally able to come home. God as he comes home and continues to recover, we ask that you would use this time to give him your perfect rest. Let him rest soundly in you. Allow him to feel the blessing of the body of Christ through out the next weeks, as he has blessed so many others through out the years.

Psalm 89:1 I will sing of the Lord's great love forever; with my mouth I will make our faithfulness known through all generations.

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  1. SUCH a praise!!! To put Cyrus' miracle in even more perspective...a nurse close to his case shared that there are a couple of men in the same age and physical demographic, who have been afflicted with the same type of brain cancer, as well as the same treatment strategy here in Boise and they, after the chemo, still have their tumors. To find that Cyrus' tumor is not only NOT THERE, but also with NO TRACE AT ALL of cancer, certainly is a miracle of New Testament proportions! Of course, this is sad for the other men....we can pray for them...and hopefully they will find the peace of Jesus through this. Thanks for being such a diligent prayer warrior, sister!!!

    We love you!