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Friday, November 19, 2010

Praying for MIRACLES?

Do You Have Faith to Pray for Miracles for Yourself or Your Own Loved Ones?

It was with great joy and bolstering of faith that I reported to you last week about Cyrus. and life kept going. Tristan began to experience some higher than safe blood sugars without any known cause. We called his Dr. and made some adjustments to his pump and it helped a bit for a day. Then back up into the 300's he climbed. "Drink lots of water, go for a jog, add a little insulin." I would suggest. I did mom. It's not working. "Is the pump working?" Yes. It went from 355 to 328. That isn't really all that good. No key tones. "Well it's prayer at church tonight and bible study. We will ask them to pray for you. And tomorrow is Home Group. We know they will pray for you."

They crept higher. We overshot and dropped him like a rock. They crept back up and we did the same thing. Tired, frustrated, exhausted, he climbs into bed, down from previous numbers, a new pump inset in place, and hope worn thin.

Home Group night at last. Let's pray for him as a group. Better yet, they suggest. Let's put him in the "Hot" seat. This is an affectionate term for being placed in the vulnerable position to sit out in front of the group so they can come lay hands on and pray for you specifically. We begin to pray for complete healing and restoration of his pancreas or better yet, that God would just give him a new one. I believe with all my heart God is capable of this miracle and in fact this would be small beans for Him who sits on the throne. So... when and why did I stop praying this for my son? Do I think my family is less important to God to trust him with my pleas? Cyrus, with terminal cancer prayed in faith with nothing to loose and everything to gain. The woman in the bible who touched the hem of His garment and was healed, reached out with nothing to loose and everything to gain. I have that kind of faith for others. Am I afraid of how I will feel if He chooses not to heal him. Am I afraid of what others will think if God doesn't "come through" for Tristan? Am I afraid to be disappointed by a "NO"? Will it hurt to see my son realize that God said no or not now to him? Why not for my own son?

God forgive my unbelief as I join in fervent prayer for the total healing of my son. You know this is the desire of both his and my heart so we ask for a miracle for Tristan.


  1. Praying for my awesome nephew and for you, Tami.....It's so hard to look on, feeling helpless. But you are right! God...THE God who spoke this world into motion, is absolutely able to heal. Love you all.

  2. Tami, this was beautiful, honest and straight from your heart. I have no doubt that God will hear these prayers and see how you are surrendering to his power and letting him work in all of you. I am so touched by this blog! I am Praying for Tristan right now. I pray that Jesus lay his hands onto Tristan and heal his pancreas and bring his blood sugar to a healthy level. I pray that his body be as good as new. I pray that God use this experience to rekindle your faith and show you that he is with you, planning at all times to do good in your lives. I pray that he lay his hands on all of you and ease the fear and stress that this situation has created. I pray God protect Tristan and the rest of your family and that you are surrounded by his healing, loving Holy Spirit.

    I also continue to pray for Cyrus as well.