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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Red Breasted Robin - The Saga Continues

The Red Breasted Robin. My nemesis! I am feeling alone in my sentiments towards this creature. Even just this week our local newspaper proudly hailed a photograph of this "bird of spring". While I too enjoy a good robin's egg or two, or even three... bags, I am becoming a bit jaded at the mere mention of the word, ROBIN. And while I acknowledge that these are not the highest quality of photos, you must understand that these are action shots, taken from a hidden vantage point.

Clearly you can see the head on lunacy with which he propels himself straight at the window.
And to top it off, these disturbances are occuring earlier and earlier. This morning it was 6:07 when I looked at the clock after hearing the first thud. Today he was particularly vengeful.

Alright, so it didn't have exactly the desired affect. Our MIA robin is very much just IA now. Tuesday morning the window was so covered in poooh, you could almost detect a slight impressionistic view point of my friend, the robin.

A few of you have been so gracious as to investigate this persistent behavior and have offered some interesting insights. Perhaps this is a valiant attempt by a protective male to defend his lady fair and future offspring from the would be vile attacks of vicious, marauding, vigilante robins. Perhaps... Or just maybe this poor chap is attempting to confront the aggressive reflections, taunting him from the sparkling clean, almost mirror like quality of my exterior windows. Yet another possibility is that this astute couple has, like us, chosen this meek but beautiful little corner of the world to call home and nest in and in so doing, he must man up, and guard his home-land from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Enter the Mikkelson family. Foreign? yes Domestic? jury is still out on that. Clearly all three scenarios are similar but it was really fun concocting new ways to say it. You can see that this intrepid visitor is scarring me can't you?

Mark has hosed off the excrement only to discover it is quickly replaced by more the next morning. We have attempted to approach the perpetrator after an attack only to see his tale in retreat. Mark, refusing to be outdone by this 12oz ball of red-breastedness, printed out lovely likenesses of a bald and a golden eagle. In an attempt to reclaim what we think is still our home and dignity, he has stationed these defenders at the kitchen and dining room windows.

If we sat a notch above the "red neck" definition, we do so no longer.

Sadly, now my husband is deeply invested and may also need some therapy!!!

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  1. I've been reading your "robin" blog, and have to tell you there is a conspiracy going on. Yesterday, Ron and I woke up from an afternoon nap to a loud THUD!!! A Peliated Woodpecker (about the size of a small turkey) hit our deck glass door. Luckily, neither the door nor the woodpecker were injured, but I was concerned. This particular woodpecker is one of a mated pair that has hung around our house for the past three years. I would hate to have one die. I talked to my brother who is very involved with the Audobon Society and he has stuck special stickers (they reflect into the birds eyes) on his windows and doors. Anyway, it's obviously love!
    Have a great date night! Love, Nancy, Ron, and Pepper the Pup