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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pray for the People of Haiti!

As you read this prayer update for Wednesday, I would challenge you to be vigilant in your prayer for the Haitian people themselves. I went to our churches weekly prayer time tonight. One of the elders had prepared some slides with facts on the country. They were startling to say the least. This was a hurting people long before this earthquake. Pray that God would begin to rebuild this country from the ground up, one person at a time. We need to be in prayer for Haitian Christians, that they would sense the presence of the Holy Spirit moving in their lives and their country and rise up to the challenge of re-creating in a sense who they are as a people. By the power of the name of Jesus give them spiritual authority over the darkness that rules that country through voodoo. Draw them into your word and a deeper understanding of who you are so they can call upon your mighty name for healing in their land.

Wednesday will be day two of the medical clinic. Pray for our team as this means long, hot days in the sun, tending to hundreds of people. Each person will have the opportunity to pray with a pastor after they have been helped. Pray that hearts would be soft to the call of God.

On the home front:

A young friends' mom has a kidney stone and has been in horrible pain. Pray that God would help this stone to pass and relieve the pain she is having.

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  1. In Haiti as it is in Heaven... That the entire country and it's people and the teams would be flooded with the presence of the Lord! This has been in my heart as I have been praying. Love you all and will continue to pray... for the kidney stone as well! God is good!!!